Random Acts of Kindness

For the first week of February 2023 Ashtar wants to talk about Random Acts of Kindness.

We never know

You know, a subtle act of kindness to another usually doesn’t usually require anything from us.  Offering a smile to someone, letting someone go ahead of us in line.  Yes, these are Random Acts of Kindness.  What we never know is just how that kindness spreads out to others.

The primary requirement of showing kindness is being aware.  We must be aware there are others are around us.  In the mindless place so many of us live so much of the time, only our concerns run through our minds.  When we simply become aware of others it becomes easy to show a kindness.  We may not even especially think of it as a kindness, just the right thing to do.  That’s the wonderful part of this intention.

Everyone is special

When we remember that everyone and everything has a unique place here in our world, our appreciation of that truth calls us to be kind.  The homeless person; essential.  The clerk at the store; important.  Your mail carrier, trash collector, the passerby each are important to this world or they would not be here.  Every one of us has a place and a job. It’s not for us to know exactly what that job may be, that they exist is reason enough to commit Random Acts of Kindness.

Appreciate your world

Isn’t it amazing how much time we spend looking for the meaning of life?  We spend countless hours trying to understand and apply the steps of ascension yet the most important thing we can do for ourselves, and others, is to take a moment and simply appreciate that life is good.  Appreciate life, appreciate others and most of all, spread the love through Random Acts of Kindness.

Listen to what Ashtar has to say;

Many Blessings of Universal Love,