Recognize the Good

As we recognize the good in our lives, something magical happens.  There is more good in our lives!

The power of perception

Oftentimes we initially connect with other people by complaining.  It’s an easy way to strike up a conversation: isn’t the traffic horrible; it’s so hot.”  I truly understand the desire to make a connection with others, I really do.  As Ashtar reminds us in this weeks video intention, where we look, we create.  Wouldn’t it be better if, in trying to make a connection, we focused on something positive instead?  “The traffic was tough earlier, but it’s getting better.”  Maybe, “I am looking forward to the cool of the evening.”

We certainly don’t want to be false in our statements.  At the same time we can turn our attention from what is uncomfortable to something more positive.  We can still make a connection with others without subjecting ourselves to more discomfort.  That’s the power of perception.

Reframing our thoughts

When we recognize the good around us we open ourselves to a more enjoyable life.  Sure, life is full of uncomfortable situations.  When we dwell on those uncomfortable moments they continue to be active in our lives.  By reframing our thoughts and communication those moments still exist, but we recognize they are finite.

Seeing though rose colored glasses

Some might suggest going through life recognizing the good is to deny reality.  Yet, just as looking through rose colored glasses suggest, we are still seeing what is going on, we simply choose to see the possibilities beyond what is in the lens.  The question is, what do we want to perpetuate in our lives?  Do we want to perpetuate harmony or discord?

This months intentions

This is the beginning of November.  That means we will have many opportunities to decide if we want to create a month of discord and disharmony, or do we want to enjoy a month of togetherness and love.  I say, drag out those rose colored glasses  and recognize the good in our lives.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,