Rejuvenation is happening all around his.  Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming. There is just something in the breeze that says change.

Turn over a new leaf

This is the perfect time to be conscious of your life.  It is time to renew.  There are so many unseen settings built into our bodies.  Hibernation is not only for Bears, we all do it to one degree or another.  Many studies suggest those extra fluffy pounds we seem to be unable to shed during winter, fall off more easily in spring.  I know that gives me some hope!

This is also the time to turn over a new leaf.  Those who have been home-bound by weather are now free to go out and explore.  Take some time to make an intention to get out and appreciate this magnificent planet we call home.  Shed the winter grumps and adopt the exuberance of Spring.

Life is wonderful

When you set your mind on renewal, opportunities to renew seem to rain down upon us.  Once we shed the hibernation mood of Winter we are given the chance to see our world anew.  Life is wonderful in so many ways.

Part of the Spiritual Principle of Rejuvenation is to grasp onto these longer days to find new ways to express ourselves.  Even though it is true that Life is Wonderful, it is only as wonderful as we allow it to be.  As in all things, it is our intention that drives our outlook.

Enjoy Ashtar’s Intention for the second week of March and see how you can incorporate it into your life.


Many Blessing of Universal Love,