Sagamihara and beyond

I have had some wonderful adventures in Sagamihara, and this time was no exception.  Our salon is high in the sky, with a commanding view of the entire valley.  On a good day even Mt. Fuji can be glimpsed in the distance.  


Remember my story of the wonderful Doctor and his wife who took me to his clinic in the middle of the night when I was so sick?  Well, he, his wife, son and daughter came to our salon, and after an Ashtar session we went to dinner.  I wanted to say thank you last time but could not recall their names.  This time I get to thank them properly.  In the photo are Dr.Takao Ozasa, Mrs. Miyuki Ozasa, Kana Ozasa (daughter)and Ozasa-Chan (son), on the floor is our host Show Shimoyama, (back on the couch) me, our hostess Junko Shimoyama, my interpreter Yoshiyasu Aoki and Keiko Takei.  Thank you Dr Ozasa for your generosity and love in helping me at a time of great need.


I have left Sagamihara and am back in Tokyo for five days with Anemone Magazine and the delightful Okayama-san, then one more Ashtar Realignment Program session at Angeli in Jiyugaoka then back to the U.S.


I truly hope you are enjoying preparations for Christmas.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂