Sayonara Hiroshima!

This has been an amazing five days in Hiroshima.  I have experienced the emotional overwhelm of the Peace Park, the sublime energies of Itsukushima Shrine, petted real (and imitation) deer, laughed at the street art depicting the local Pro Baseball team (the Carps) visited with the symbol of health, family and abundance at


Toshogu Shrine and tickled the feet of Billiken wearing a Carps shirt.  I think that when all these adventures are coupled with the wonderful work Ashtar has done with the beautiful souls of Hiroshima, this has been a fantastic visit.  Thank you one and all.

From here it’s on to Osaka to do private sessions, a workshop and group sessions.  If you wish to join Ashtar and myself please contact Osaka Rainbow Angels to see what is available.  I would love to see you and pass along some hugs!

Blessings of Universal Love