Self Healing

The Spiritual Principle of Self Healing is essential to our happiness because if we are empty we cannot give to others, or even ourselves.

Being empty

What does that mean; being empty?   Picture yourself running a marathon.  Every cell in your body is crying out for replenishment.  The first mile or so may not be too difficult but the further into the race you get the more replenishment it seeks.  Even if we think of life as a long series of sprints, you  give everything you have for a short period of time then we need to rest.  In either case there is nothing left to give.  We cannot offer to carry another person to the finish line, let alone do right to ourselves.

Giving to others is such a pure pleasure, no doubt about it, however if all we do is give,  we begin to run on empty.  Until we honor our five spiritual bodies the gas gauge of our minds, bodies and souls will fall to empty.

The five Spiritual Bodies

We have five Spiritual Bodies; Soul, Spirit, Physical, Mental and Emotional.  It is not enough to physically exercise to do a sprint or a marathon.  Every aspect of  our selves must be regularly replenished if we are to succeed.   This is why the Spiritual Principle of Self Healing is so essential.

If we are to accomplish our goals; be they to run, think, love, empathize, or even just to appreciate the gift our lives are, we must pay attention.  We must pay attention to all five bodies and take time to refresh ourselves, refill ourselves.

Ashtar’s video this week talks about becoming conscious of the importance of Self Healing.  We hope you enjoy it.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,