Sharing the Joy

I will be the first to admit that sharing the joy of this fall season can be trying.  but let’s break it down.

Our old stuff

Family gatherings can be especially trying.  There is a tendency to revert to who we were rather than be who we are now.  Sometimes it is we who revert, sometimes it is those around us who want to hold us in place.  What a recipe for discomfort.

If Thanksgiving holds unpleasant memories getting into the spirit of Gratitude will require us to be very mindful of what our triggers are.  But memories are true “old stuff,”  especially difficult memories.  We owe it to ourselves to be present; to honor who we have become and honor who our friends and family members have become too.

If in doubt

If you find yourself in doubt about how to break the cycle of past experiences, the best way is to take a moment.  Look around yourself.  Thanksgiving is the holiday that invites us to be mindful of all the things for which we have to be grateful.  Select one thing, just one, and focus upon why you can be grateful for that thing.  I think that once you find a gratitude point, more will begin flowing in.  Finding more for which to be grateful becomes easier.

If you cannot find anything in your past, it’s time to begin creating new memories and experiences.  Let’s remember, we are in control of our thoughts.

This week’s video

This week Ashtar has some great suggestions about jump-starting your gratitude.  No matter how challenging your own experiences have been, reaching out to someone can help bring us back.  Get out and serve at a Food Bank.  Involve yourself with an organization that feeds the needy.  Drop-by a neighbors home and wish them a happy holiday.  Almost certainly there is an elder-care facility nearby with people longing for a smiling face.  These are all great ways of sharing the joy of life.

What it’s about

Sharing the joy is not about spending money.  Your appreciation for another person is a gift far beyond anything you can buy.  Recognize, appreciate, help.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and offering Many Blessings of Universal Love,