Soul Mates

Soul Mates.  You have heard that term many times, I am certain.  If I had to guess I would say over 70% of the people who come to Ashtar and myself have at least one question about Soul Mates or romance in general.  In fact this video was the result of a question asked during one of our Zoom sessions earlier this year.

Universal Compliments

Ashtar, being the Ambassador of Love, has broken-down the idea of Soul Mates into several categories.  Universal Compliments are a type of Soul Mate too.  The animal lovers in our family already know this, but pets can be Universal Complements just as well as humans.  Something to think about there, huh?  Just as with humans we often come across an animal with whom we feel an immediate connection.  I had to smile because as Ashtar was giving examples of this type of instant attraction to a new animal he mentioned the names of two pets my husband, Brian, has had in the past.

The Universal connection of Love

What it all comes down to is that we are eternal beings going from one lifetime to another.  Sometimes these lifetimes are consecutive, sometimes they are concurrent.  That is a topic for another Ashtar talk we will do in the near future.  But the common factor is that love transcends time and space.  We bring memories of encounters with us especially if the bond is strong.  The stronger the bond was, the more likely we will recognize a past connection.  Love is Universal.

The mystery of love

There are so many ways love comes to us.  Twin Flames, Twin Rays, Twin Souls, and on and on.  We may never truly know why we are attracted to another person or animal.  The important matter is that Love Is, and it has no bounds by time nor space.  Love is to be enjoyed in all its forms.

Universal Blessing of Love,