Speaking as the Grandfather

Ashtar often comes to us speaking as the Grandfather.  You know, that person who is so knowing and loving in our lives.  At the same time, sometimes he has to speak to us firmly, with love.

A funny thing happened

I was just completing a promotional video for Beloved Salon in Tachikowa, Japan and thought I was returning to my body from the Ashtar message.  Suddenly he jumped back in and began speaking to the camera.  Ashtar doesn’t often do this kind of thing so Brian knew there was something special coming.

The result was this unusually longish segment where Ashtar talks to us, speaking as the Grandfather about keeping ourselves healthy.  He speaks about keeping safe from the Covid-19 variants of course, but then adds some very interesting thoughts about our bodies and their importance in our spiritual work.

Ashtar knows stuff

The intensity of Ashtar’s message is more than speaking as the Grandfather.  I don’t want to steal his message, but I am taken by his forcefulness.  Yes, he is an 11th Dimensional Ascended Master, but he is keenly aware of the needs of our bodies.  Perhaps it is the intensity of summer heat so many of us are experiencing.  Perhaps he is aware of yet to come challenges to our physical beings.  Ashtar knows stuff we are unaware of.  In any case I decided to share this information almost complete as he shared it with Brian and myself.

This message might have been directed at you, which is why you are called to watch this video!  Yes, Ashtar knows stuff so give it a listen.  Share it with your friends.  As Star Seeds you are called to action.  Join us at Ladyashtar.com for more videos.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,