Spiritual Principle of Easter

Eggs colored, chocolate ready, but are you ready for the Spiritual Principle of Easter?

I did’t know that was a thing!

Perhaps you haven’t thought of Easter as a Spiritual Principle, but everything has been there all along.  The entire Biblical story of Easter is about leaving behind that which no longer serves us and transforming into a Being of Light.

Jesus, a mortal man, lived a life with all the trials and tribulations we all experience.  His beginnings were humble.  There were no palaces in which to grow up, no servants.  Undoubtedly, as the son of a carpenter living in a Mediterranean climate he probably experienced hunger, doubt and fear of the ruling Roman Empire.  We know so little about his childhood simply because it was as common as those around him at the time.

Then he began his ministry as a radical Rabbi.  This was the beginning of his transition from common to extraordinary.  His empathy, inclusion, forgiveness and most of all, love for his fellow citizens marked him as more than a simple man.

In your own journey from asleep to awake to humanity you have followed the same progression.

The next steps

Once he was recognized as one who would actually live the principles set forth in Judaism he became a threat to the power hungry.  As a person who sees that other people have needs and embraces oneness, you have most likely been called “woke”, a term that is popular in American politics today, as if it is a bad thing.

The crucification of the man Jesus, represents leaving behind the falsehood of being earthly beings.  As Jesus said, “I am not of this world.”  These six words are true of him and of you.  You are living on planet Earth, but your source is far beyond this realm.

By living each day from love; being empathetic and caring, you too are crucifying, putting an end, your earthly limitations.

Only the beginning

Just like Jesus, you are rising, ascending into your true state.  His death upon the cross symbolizes this step.  You too will one day fully embody this resurrection and become a body of light.  Spiritually Jesus is now known as Sananda.  What do you think your Spiritual name will be?

Yes, the teachings of The Spiritual Principle of Easter have been right before our eyes all along.  We are in the process of ascension right now.  Happy Easter you Being of Light!

Join us

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Many Blessings of Universal Love,