Spiritual Principle of Transformation

The Spiritual Principle of Transformation is evident in nature, but it happens to you as an individual as well.

Natures’ Transformation

As Winter melts into Spring many of us actually experience the change physically; we experience renewed energy.  As we shed our heavier clothing, we are more inclined to move around.  Then there are the subtle changes; you may feel more optimistic in Spring  than in Winter.

Personal Transformation

As you meditate, study, listen and gain new perspectives you are in a process of transformation as well.  If you have taken time to meditate on a specific topic, you may have felt a lifting of doubt and fear.  A transformation is taking place within.  Expanding our understandings gives us the tools to deal more effectively with our  lives,

Remaining in the same place

The lure to remain in the same place, under the same conditions and understandings is understandable.  Change can be challenging.  However, the nature of the Universe is expansion.  We are created to change;  this is a gift.  Over the past couple hundred thousands of years humans have gone through many changes.  We have developed new ways to deal with our planet and each other.  Meanwhile, most animals have remained pretty much the same.

No matter how frightening transformation may be, we are wired to transform.

The Butterfly

Take the butterfly.  We all know it begins life as an egg, then a worm, then into a cocoon, then finally into a butterfly.  It was always meant to become a butterfly. It just had to go through all these changes to finally become what it was meant to be.

You are a Being of Light going through various changes to achieve your final form.  Will this final form become manifest today?  Maybe, but then maybe not.  Rest assured, The Spiritual Principle of Transformation is underway.  At the right and perfect time you will achieve your goal.

This weeks video

In this weeks’ video Ashtar presents his thoughts of the Principle of Transformation and offers an Intention to assist you through these changes more comfortably.  Enjoy!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,