Spiritual Principle of Truth

The Spiritual Principle of Truth is a real thing.

Breaking it down

There is truth.  That’s where what we say to each other is real.  Then there is Universal Truth or God Truth.  Being honest with each other is important.  And not just that kind of truth that is white washed or partial just so we don’t hurt another persons feelings.  Real truth is full and open.  I find it a wonderful feeling being with people to whom I can be fully honest.

When we are speaking of Universal Truth or God Truth we go even deeper.  Although Ashtar doesn’t specifically say so, to me this is seeing ourselves as we truly are.  It’s not just other people with whom we can be dishonest, it is ourselves as well.  When we try to hide our motivations from ourselves we are not living in Universal Truth.

Why lie?

Most of the lies we tell ourselves (and others) stem from not viewing ourselves as we truly are.  We think we must be something better, something different than who we are.  The Universal Truth about each of us is that we are perfect right now for where we are.  This doesn’t mean we are all we can or will be.  This reflects that we are evolving beings.  As evolving beings we have the opportunity each and every day to be more in alignment with The Godhead.

Take the opportunity

As an evolving being, the simple practice of watching the intentions Ashtar shares with us is a good start.  The next step is to take these teachings to heart; to make them part of our lives every day.

This is a great opportunity to review your own communication with both yourself and with others.  Can we find ways to live in a higher level of truth?   Each of the Intentions Ashtar shares work on so many levels.  Rarely does He tell us exactly what to do.  Rather, he gives us enough information to make our own decisions.  We get to define exactly how to implement his ideas.

Take this opportunity to review how you can live fully with the many forms of Spiritual Truth.

Many Blessings of Universal Love (and truth!)