Spring begins

This is the week that Spring begins…hurrah!

How has your winter been?

I don’t know about where you live, but our Winter here in California has been filled with the blessings of rain.  In some cases the blessings have been a bit overwhelming!  But it is important at any time of year to look for the blessings that are all around us.  This third week of March 2023 Ashtar continues his Intention series about rebirth with a reminder to look for peace and harmony all around us.

It’s up to you

As Spring begins we are reminded that what we choose to see and experience is completely up to us.  As the flowers begin to fill the hillsides it may be difficult to be joyful if we are experiencing hay fever.  Yet the beauty of this time year still surrounds us.  Harmony may be difficult to focus upon as more and more people begin to travel, resulting in slower traffic than we have become used to.  But harmony can still be found if we choose to see it.

I am not talking about living in denial.  It is a matter of what we choose to focus upon.  Hay fever is the result of pollen.  Pollen in the air means fertility, rebirth.  Rebirth is the topic of this months series of intentions from Ashtar, so it seems perfectly appropriate to me!  OK, so maybe we do find ourselves with runny noses and more sneezes than usual, but we are experiencing a healthy planet.  Personally I find the concept of a healthy planet very peaceful.

What we experience is a choice.

Working with Ashtar

So far this month Ashtar has encouraged us to do self-reflection and reconnection with our lives and ourselves.  I love the way each intention builds upon the previous intention.  I hope you have been listening and embodying the concepts our Ambassador of Love has offered.

Working with Ashtar is unlike following someone.  Ashtar does not tell us how to be, how to feel or how to think.  He offers ideas, concepts and encouragement to find our own path.  Discovering the beauty of our lives through our own awareness can be so exciting.  Much more exciting than mimicking someone else’s thoughts.

We are perfect individuals living in this time and space to ascend.  If you listen to what Ashtar shares and put those thoughts into action in your own life, amazing things happen.

As Spring begins

I wish you the joy of finding your perfect path as Spring arrives.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,