Spring arrives

The month of March is when spring arrives.  For some it will be blustery, for some the air will be placid and warm.

Spring means rebirth

All around us we see rebirth.  Flowers popping out of the brown hills, buds on the trees, mating dances of all kinds, everywhere.  Why should rebirth only apply to the flora and fauna?  It can just as easily apply to ourselves.

There is no season for rebirth.  Any month of the year is the right time to be reborn.  But as Spring arrives we have the perfect energy to support us in our transformation.

The month of March

This month of March, 2023,  Ashtar’s Intentions will revolve around Rebirth.  He will be giving us thoughts that will smooth the transition from where we were to where we want to go.  This week he is focusing upon taking a time of reflection.  Reflection to understand where we have been.  Reflection about where we want to go.  He has lots of wonderful thoughts in this week’s video, the link is below.  Enjoy!

Also in March

Last month’s Ashtar Flash Zoom session was a huge success.  Thank you friends from all over the world who joined us.  We will be having another Flash Zoom session later in the month, so watch for that.

Enjoy the Video and,

Many Blessings of Universal Love, Terrie