Summer arrives

This week summer arrives.  Summer, a time for relaxation, adventure and of course, the expression of love

Feel the expression

This month Ashtar’s intentions are focusing upon love.  The expression of Love, the emotion of Love, and now, embracing Love.  We have often spoken of the truth that where we give our attention ,grows.  The same applies to love.  If we do not recognize the many expressions of love in our lives, we can feel pretty empty.

As summer arrives, make it your intention to be aware of just how many ways the emotion of love is present in your life.  Many are easy to overlook.  This week Ashtar points out that love comes to us in many forms.  Even the server who brings you that delightful meal is acting from love.  Make it a point to be aware of love as it comes into your life.

Making the intention real

If you have been following these intentions, you may have found yourself really liking some of them.  Then you go on your way.  To make these intentions more than beautiful thoughts it is important to actually put them into play in your life.  Have you considered using a post-it note to jot down a particularly poignant intention to repeat during the week?

Our lives are so busy, and they won’t slow down as summer arrives.  Ashtar’s intentions can help us make the most of every day we live.  So that you don’t misplace a thought you liked, find a way to remind yourself every day.  No matter how busy you become.  Having a grounding point will help you remember what is important; your awareness of love all around you.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,