Continuing the process

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons and husband Brian Graham

Question: are you continuing the process of Rebirth Ashtar is speaking about for March? Last week Last week Ashtar spoke about reflecting upon the life you want.  In this weeks video he speaks about the process of releasing what no longer serves us and at the same time, reconnecting with our Spiritual base. I got…

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Spring arrives

The month of March is when spring arrives.  For some it will be blustery, for some the air will be placid and warm. Spring means rebirth All around us we see rebirth.  Flowers popping out of the brown hills, buds on the trees, mating dances of all kinds, everywhere.  Why should rebirth only apply to…

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Arigato Gosaimas Japan

It is hard to believe that three months have passed so quickly, but here I am, saying goodbye again to my wonderful friends of Japan.  This has been an amazing tour.  The people who seek Ashtar’s counsel throughout this beautiful country leave with a little piece of my heart.  We have done hundreds of private…

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