Catalyst of Peace

Winter Solstice

How powerful are you?  You are the catalyst of peace.  That’s how powerful you are. It all begins within Everything begins with a thought.  Where do your thoughts go? Are your thoughts free to wander around un-checked?  That’s wonderful for day dreaming, but if you want to create something specific, intention is required.  When it…

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One year

Spiritual Principle is the beginning of a new year

One year ago this month (October 2022) Ashtar had us sit down and begin videotaping his Intention Series.  Now, one year later we are celebrating the success of his wonderful concept. What is the intention series? Well, it’s pretty simple.  Each month Ashtar selects a topic; families, forgiveness, play, then each week he speaks on…

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Harmonious Actions

The good showers us all the time

Going through life creating harmonious actions can free us to experience love, joy, peace and harmony. The final April Intention Whew!  With five Intentions for April this has been a busy month for self improvement, hasn’t it?  Ashtar has encouraged us to remember the lessons we have learned.  He has prompted us to forgive ourselves…

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Spring begins

Lady Ashtar in nature

This is the week that Spring begins…hurrah! How has your winter been? I don’t know about where you live, but our Winter here in California has been filled with the blessings of rain.  In some cases the blessings have been a bit overwhelming!  But it is important at any time of year to look for…

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I'm Here!

On Wednesday afternoon I arrive at Haneda International Airport to begin my spring tour of Japan.  I would love to say that I am used to the hurried last minute preparations for my extended stay, the twelve hour flight, and arriving at my first destination after 25 hours in motion, but that wouldn’t be true.  What…

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Come to a session

Now that the holidays are finished, my schedule is filling up!  Before I return to Japan in March we are booking sessions, both private and group in lots of places.  In the next 60 days Ashtar and I will be doing groups in Encinitas (1), Carlsbad (2), Ramona (2), Albuquerque NM (5 and counting) and…

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The great Southwest

Ashtar and I are looking forward to heading to Albuquerque next week for a series of events in the great Southwest.  At this moment we have four group events planned betweenJanuary 24 and 27 at three different locations.  We truly hope you will have the opportunity to join us at one or more of these…

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Ashtar inn Albuquerque!

Well, it seems my traveling bug has bitten again!  After a month home I am ready to take to the road again.  This time I will be returning to a place that has such fond memories for me; Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to visit our…

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Your important role

One of the things everyone who comes to an Ashtar session has in common is that they have a very important role on this planet.  As Ashtar explained in a session earlier this year, you are the leaders, you are the people others will follow toward an enlightened planet.   When you understand this truth,…

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