Thank you Albuquerque!



Wow!  I had forgotten how beautiful Albuquerque is until this past week.  The New Mexico desert has an energy that is all its own and I simply drank it in every day.  Ashtar and I ranged from Santa Fe, to Albuquerque itself meeting with Star Seeds, Energy Healers, Spiritual Teachers and those who speak Light Languages from around the Universe.  Very soon segments from many of these sessions will begin appearing on this blog, so keep tuning in to see some of what Ashtar shared.


I especially want to thank Nathan Main who introduced us to so many group organizers.  As I stand in honor of Dianna from Awaken to Wellness, Sherie from The Source, Tammy Chino from the Collective Frequency, and Nathan, Bill and Kitty who hosted in their home, I’m in gratitude.  Thank you for your generosity and love. 


I even got to meet, for the first time, my newest Grandson, DJ!  Actually DJ is eight years old, but this was the first time I got to spend any time with this delightful young man who joined my family through marriage.  Meeting my step-daughter, Becky, was truly a delight.  Thank you for your warm welcome into your family.


This will not be Ashtar’s last visit to Albuquerque, everywhere we went we found open hearts, curious minds and the desire to find a deeper understanding of Ashtar’s gentle, loving and insightful teachings.  We have already begun looking into returning next winter, and who know, maybe even sooner. 


If you happen to live in a place outside Southern California, and would be interested in arranging some Ashtar sessions, please, drop me a note and let’s begin a conversation.   We welcome anyone who would like to start a group for messages, healings and seminars.  Privates and phone sessions are also available.  Contact us, let’s see what we can manifest as we work together to create a work of love and peace.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂