Thank you Dynavision!

For the past three weeks Dynavision has been hosting Ashtar and myself as we visited with loving hearts in Tokyo, Osaka and most recently Fukuoka, Japan.  I am so grateful for all the staff of Dynavision who have worked tirelessly to attract those beautiful people seeking Ashtar’s guidance all along the way.  We have had visits to Temples and Shrines, small group sessions, and two very large group session, along with lots and lots of private sessions.  It isn’t easy keeping this bag-lady (that’s what I lovingly call myself because of the luggage I get to carry) on schedule and on time, but they do it!  Thank you to the Dynavision team for their kindness and loving care.  It is always a pleasure to work alongside you.  I also want to share some of the winter decorations that make Hakara Train Station in Fukuoka such a delight these chilly fall evenings.  Enjoy!

And now I set my sights on Tachikawa where I will work through Beloved salon.  It is time to say hello to Yuka Onda, Hiriomi Taniguchi and Takako Taniguchi once again.  We will be at Beloved through the weekend.  If you are of the mind and would like to join us, you can contact for booking details.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂