Thank you Kochi!

Sometimes while touring Japan time just seems to slip a notch or two, suddenly three days have passed and it is time to pack our bags again and head for the next stop.  I thought we would go to Oita for the final four days of this first ever summer tour, but instead Fukuoka called us.  August 22-25 Ashtar will be doing private sessions in another of my favorite towns, right on the ocean!  After that it is back to the USA for a few weeks.  I want to thank the beautiful people of Kochi for a remarkable few days, the friendships, the love, the meals and the experiences.  As you can see from the photo on this post, I got to make real paper, just as people have been doing for ages here.  To my wonderful coordinator Yukari Kojima, thank you for your amazing ability to create sessions.  You have done wonders!  And of course I want to thank Nashita San, the handsome man on the left in this photo for his amazing support.

For my US friends, we have six events planned between September 2 and September 16.  Please check my web site for locations and times.