Thank you Kunatachi!

I spent two wonderful days working with Mr and Mrs Yao at the Hatsuga Cafe in Kunatachi, and I shed the cold which has been part of my life for the past month or so.  I have to say, I am feeling great and remembering why I love being in Japan.  Hatsuga Cafe is part of the Yao family home which lends such a warm, cozy feeling to our sessions.  and Ashtar can really reach into the spirit of our clients in such a relaxed environment. The photo with this posting is of Mr and Mrs Yao gazing out the window of their fabulous home.

Right now I am back with Anemone Magazine doing private sessions, workshops and groups in Gotunda once again.  Okuyama San always provides us with the opportunity to explore the deepest reaches of our beings, My friend and interpreter Yuka Kondo makes the sessions even more fun! If you would like to see if you can get a space here in Gotunda call him at 090-8514-1295.  Next stop is Angeli.  The contact there is Ms. Mizue Shima; 090-1126-4870.