Thank you Sedona!

This past weekend, as you are probably aware, I spent in beautiful Sedona, Arizona with a wonderful group of people from the US and Japan.  Love, Ascension and Beyond was beyond our wildest hopes.  Ashtar thrilled everyone with some the deepest messages he has ever shared with us. Brian Graham and his relationship and manifestation workshops took us to places we have never before been.  Linda Lintvedt and her symphonic Gong provided the meditative food we all needed, and Greg Sullivan introduced us to viewing ET’s from the Spiritual perspective.  Seriously, this was a true group effort because all the loving hearts who attended the weekend helped us raise our vibrations higher than ever.   

Thank you to all who attended, thank you to The Sedona Creative Life Center, and Thank You to all who could not attend this time but sent their love.  Love Ascension and Beyond will be back in 2019.  We truly hope you will choose to join us!