Thank you Star Seed Cosmic Festival!

I am so excited! Yesterday I was invited to take part in a World Wide Web event called the Star Seed Cosmic Festival. It was based in Tokyo and had people from all over Japan sharing their wonderful talents. Naturally the focus was Star Seeds and how their presence shapes our world. I am honored to have been included in the presentation, and Ashtar had a great time too.

This new reality in which we are living today offers some challenges, but at the same time also offers opportunities never before realized. Originally this event was to be staged live from Tokyo with a chance to tune in via the web. With travel restrictions and social distancing being observed, the entire program was web based. The whole plan changed, and rather than having a few hundred people in attendance, the program gathered something like 65,000 people. With the program fed to YouTube, those numbers are still climbing!

Ashtar and I want to thank the organizers for their devotion to helping raise the vibration of our planet. A special thank you to Tengoku-san who introduced me to this amazing group of organizers and to Yukari Kojima of Studio KARA for facilitating my participation. Also a special thank you to Miki Fur for her excellence in interpreting Ashtar’s message. We would like to invite you to view for yourself this amazing collection of channels, healers and beautiful souls. Most of the presentations are in Japanese, but my segment of about 30 minutes with Ashtar, in English, comes in at 2:10 with a Japanese translation. Enjoy, and thank you Star Seeds everywhere for continuing your work.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂