Thank you Tokyo!

Whew!  Nine glorious days in Tokyo have come to an end, and I am filled with gratitude.  Gratitude for all the beautiful people who came to visit with Ashtar and me.  Grateful too for the wonderful people at Dynavision who have hosted me since the end of October.  Thanksgiving is more than one day of the year in my Spiritual world.

In addition to those who came to visit me, I look back with joy on two very special events over these thirty days; the dual event with Keiko Anaguchi (there might be a book from that session, stay tuned!) and my visit to Meiji Shrine which allowed me to work with both a group and a Remote Activation.  Meiji is simply one of the wonders of Japan, if not the whole world.  

I am posting an image of me at the main Torii at Meiji for your enjoyment.

Now, it is on to Nagoya to work with a new host; Keiichi Honma through Studio Kara.  The last time I was in the area Keiichi-San and I visited Ise Shrine The photo I have included below is of he and I performing ritual purification prior to prayers.  I have found that this simple, yet profound, process actually deepens the experience of prayer.

After Nagoya I will be heading to Fukui to work with another first-time hostess; Manami Simmons. Even though this will be the first time for Manami-San to host, this dear lady has translated for me in the past.  I am so looking forward to both these events.

That’s it for now, and thank you for following me along on this Fall 2017 tour of Japan.

Blessings of Universal Love

Terrie 🙂