Thank you Yamagata

Located in the northwest portion of Japan, just west of Sendai, is the charming town of Yamagata, in the prefecture of Yamagata.  I cannot think of enough words to describe the beauty and hospitality I have been experiencing in this mountain enclave.

I have been working at Ateilier Jem Cafe for the past few days, and Ashtar’s clients have been truly wonderful, but even more wonderful has been the hospitality of my hosts Teiko-Seto-san and Yoshihiro Sato-san.  They have opened their home/salon to me without reservation.  They have even cooked for me, so I have had a little extra time to enjoy our beautiful location.

It seems that no matter how many wonderful experiences I have had in Japan, they just keep getting better.  

Teiko-san and Yoshihiro-san will be joining us in Osaka on June 29th for my Shinto style wedding to Brian Graham, I hope you will join us too.  Please contact StudioKARA for more information.

Once again, thank you Yamagata!