Thanksgiving is here!

No matter how you celebrate, Thanksgiving is here!

The myriad of options

There are so many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.  You can join with your birth family, extended family, or by your lonesome.  The most important part of this holiday is to remember to be thankful.  Now my husband and I have been celebrating pretty much by ourselves the past couple of years.  What had become my usual celebration was observing the day somewhere in Japan, on tour.  This year, even though we have come to a kind of “new normal’ we will most likely be celebrating with just the two of us.  Still, Thanksgiving is here!

The gratitude message

As I mentioned, the most important part of this day is the reminder that gratitude is so very important throughout our lives.  When we have a down day (or week) it can be hard to remember that no matter what is going on we have so much for which to be thankful.  Let’s start with the simple ones; you probably have clean water to drink.  So much of the world does not enjoy this privilege.  You are reading this on an electronic device.  How cool is that?  You live in a home that keeps you warm and dry.  If something should befall you, help is just a telephone call away.  If you choose, you can drive a few miles, hop on an airplane and end up somewhere else.  There are so many things that we simply take for granted.  If you have not taken a moment to count your daily blessings, well, Thanksgiving is here and it is a great time to recognize the many blessings that make up your life.


When we gather with other people one way of connecting is to start with a complaint.  The price of Turkey is way up.  Lettuce is more expensive.  There are so many other components of our holiday feast.  Being grateful and complaining are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  If you want to connect with someone else how about starting off with the recognition that we are together!  We all have stories about the past couple of years, how about choosing a positive story from those time.  What about expressing your joy at being together?

Complaining may be a guaranteed way to strike up a conversation but remember; Thanksgiving is here!  Let’s be thankful.

The family

All this month Ashtar has been featuring various aspects of family.  He has spoken of love, harmony, compassion and so much more.  This week his Intention is about being thankful for your family.  Yes, I know I have said this in other posts, what comprises your family does not matter.  You may be with blood relatives, adoptive family, close friends, or even complete strangers at a restaurant.  At that moment you are all family.  You are sharing a common experience.  If you are invited to a friends home for Thanksgiving, think of the people around you as family too.

Thanksgiving is here!

If you have not been doing so, let this holiday be the beginning of being aware of the many, many gifts that you have.  If you have been doing this, how about redoubling your expressions of gratitude.  I promise if you do, you will have even more for which to be grateful.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,