The Birthplace of Reiki

Sunday, April 30, 2017 Lady Ashtar lead an intrepid group of Spiritual adventurers


up the slopes of Mount Kurama.  This was more than another outing with Animone magazine, it was a journey back to the roots of Reiki Healing.  Dr. Usuari, the founding Father of Reiki healing, received his direction on this very mountain.  Now, the mountain is home to some of the most beautiful Temples and Shrines in Japan.  After riding the famed cable car to the second major temple and conducting several sessions with Ashtar, the group continued its trek; communing with Buddha, exploring the catacombs of Temples, and taking the opportunity to ring a huge bell which could be heard over the entire mountain, the group reached the birthplace of Reiki and took some time to embrace its healing energy.  After seven hours of hiking, exploring, praying and of course time with Ashtar, the pilgrims made their way down the mountain, fully charged and inspired.

Lady Ashtar continues her Spring tour in Japan until July 6.  And don’t forget the Shinto Wedding of Terrie Symons and Brian Graham June 29 in Osaka.  Contact for more details.