My power is love

Yes; my power is in love.  You know, of course, that Ashtar is the Ambassador of Love.  Wherever he travels, opening hearts to the power of love is his mission.  I want to share this excerpt from on of the sessions we did in Albuquerque, New Mexico earlier this year

We are surrounded by unseen entities  that are here to help us live our lives to their fullest potential.  Recognizing their presence and guidance makes life so much more fun.

And speaking of fun, I just completed my spring/summer tour of Japan–from my office at home!  I want to give a great big heart-felt thank you to Studio Kara and Yukari Kojima and her team, Dynavision and Keiko Anaguchi and her team,  Takako and Hiromi Taniguchi of Beloved Salon as well as the coordinators around Japan who adapted so quickly when it became necessary for me to depart Japan.  We all learned some wonderful new skills during these past three months!

And to my clients who so gracefully accepted Ashtar into their computers rather than in person, I am truly indebted to you.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂