The first Level 3 Graduates of the Ashtar Realignment Program

Way back in 2017 Ashtar and I, along with Yuka Okawa Rinehart and Yukari Kojima from Studio Kara began discussing an entirely new set of coursework for Ashtar students. We knew that it would have to break entirely new ground in the Ascension Process for our students. This new coursework could not be completed in a one day seminar, or a weekend, or, for that matter, in a year. What we came up with was the Ashtar Realignment Program. This course requires our students to work for up to three years, going deeper in their own consciousness with dozens of modalities. They were challenged to become Alchemists in their own right.
This weekend we had our first graduating class!
The first eleven graduates received their certificates of completion during a sacred ceremony in Tokyo. Ashtar and I are so pleased that we have developed an entire new generation of Teachers for this Cosmic Journey. Very soon many of them will begin teaching levels one and two for the next generation of students.
My love and appreciation goes out to these beautiful students, among them my Studio Kara facilitator Megumi Kawai for their outstanding commitment to the future of an ascended earth and all of humankind.
Many Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂