The God Within

What do we mean when we speak about The God Within?

Two perspectives

When we speak Biblically, especially in the book of Matthew, Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God as being within.  From the Buddhist perspective the Kingdom of Heaven is a metaphor for leaving the mundane world behind.  Do you see how both these concepts answer the question of what is the God within?

These thoughts are also reminders that all we seek is already within us.  If this is so, why are teachers such as Ashtar important to our lives?  The simple answer is even before we become aware, we are taught limitation.  Don’t do this, don’t do that.  You are not enough.  The result is rather than being the unlimited beings we were intended to be, we are creatures of “no”.

Working with Ashtar help us reboot ourselves.  He reminds us all the powers of the Universe already reside within us.  We don’t have to earn anything; we simply need to remember our Divine heritage.

This weeks video

I want to thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me as I shared my long-awaited return to Delphi, Greece.  For countless years vestigial memories of my life there have appeared in my dreams.  To finally experience the return to my former home was truly remarkable.  This is the final video taken that beautiful afternoon.

Ashtar often tells us that as humans we live about 2000 lifetimes before we clear away the Karma of our lives.  Much of this Karma is the direct result of being taught there is a separation between ourselves as individuals and the Universe.  This is a falsehood.  You and the Universe are one.

Learning and growing

Your journey and my journey are the same.  You are on your perfect path to the top of the mountain.  How you get there is the story of your lifetimes.  Your journey is accelerated as you remember, God is Within.

Many blessing of Universal Love,