The month of love

February, as Ashtar tells us, is the month of love.  A time when we consciously choose to find the love that binds us.  It’s also the month when Ashtar returns with his famous “Guides and Guardians” Zoom session!

The Ashtar Zoom

For the month of love you just know some of the messages Ashtar shares with us will be about love.  Perhaps you are looking for that special someone.  Perhaps you have a special someone and want to enhance your relationship with them.  Perhaps your special someone has left the planet and you would like to connect with them once again.  Well, you can in the month of love Zoom session.

Of course there are the other questions too!

Just because this session is about love doesn’t mean you cannot ask about your home planet, where you are in your ascension, how you can improve your life, or where you might be headed next.  You are welcome to ask any question, any question at all.

How do I join in?

Becoming part of our Zoom session is so easy.  All you do is go to my website, then find the store tab. There you will find the “Month of Love Zoom” item. (or you can follow the link above)  You pay only $50.00 for each attendee.

It’s going to be a delightful evening spent in the company of like-minded people, so join us!  Ashtar and I tell you more about this fun session in todays video.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,