The new year

The new year is almost here.  Prepare to sparkle1

Get a glimpse into what is to come

As we like to do, Ashtar will be giving the New Year Message this coming week.  Wednesday, December 28 from 6-9PM Pacific time in fact.  Ashtar will be giving us a glimpse into what is to come for 2023.  It’s fun to go back over these videos to see what he has told us about the coming year.  Of course, so much depends upon what you do!  If Ashtar were to tell you that on February 17, 2023 you would win the lottery would you buy any tickets between now and then?  And just what does winning the lottery mean?  Does it even involve tickets?

We are always at choice

Fortune telling is not a real thing because we are always at choice.  As we step into the New Year, if you have something you would like to accomplish you have the choice of waiting for it to happen, and doing your best to achieve your goal.  Doing what you can to reach your goal is always the best choice.

Concentrate on gratitude

So many of Ashtars Intentions revolve around gratitude for one reason; being grateful brings us more for which to be grateful.  It’s that simple.  If you are working toward a goal, give thanks for all the achieved steps.  Also give gratitude for the steps which don’t seem to have been successful.  Who was it who said, “each failure brings me one step closer to success.”  We never know when a “failed” attempt might become the key to the achievement.

Join us for Ashtars New Year Message

You can still get in on the live session; either here in Fallbrook with us, or on Zoom.  Get your tickets at the store.  Only $50.00 per seat. See you there, and of course,

Many Blessings of Universal Love