The secret code

The secret code for Ashtar’s New Year Message for our subscribers is: ANYM.  As a subscriber to you qualify for this special discount.  When you go to the store on you will see a very fun picture of me getting ready for Christmas in my magical hat. In fact it looks just like this photo right here!  Just follow the prompts.  Enter the secret code ANYM in the coupon box and your price will automatically drop to $25.00.  If you are not already a subscriber, this is the perfect time to join us!

Send in your questions

Depending upon time available Ashtar will answer your questions.  Please send your questions to prior to the event.

What’s included?

From what Ashtar has told us so far, he will speak about what might be coming for 2021, give you some guidance as to how to let the past go and maybe even do a meditation.  Time permitting he will address your questions.  No matter what he chooses to do, it will be a wonderful way to spend your Covid-free New Years Eve.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this month of holidays, I wish you the most delightful time.  As for me, I celebrate them all!