The Spiritual Principle of Patience

Following the Spiritual Principle of Patience can make your life so much more pleasant.

God give me patience

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “Give me patience?”  This is a tricky plea.  Remember, the Universe is less likely to grant you patience than it is to grant you more opportunity to practice patience.  You will find yourself beset with even more chances to discover patience within, which is probably not what you wanted!

Developing patience is like working on a muscle.  The more you work at it, the stronger you get.   There are many benefits to this work-out though. Stress levels drop, doors open, activities become easier.  Even illness can be reduced as you allow patience to be your pathway.

Connected to other Principles

The Spiritual Principle of Patience is interrelated with many other principles.  When we forget everyone is on their right and perfect path being patient is much more difficult.  Forgetting peace on earth begins within makes it easy to be impatient.  Living with compassion, kindness, understanding and harmony opens the door to patience.

OK, you caught me!  In Ashtar’s intentions the past few months he has spoken about these topics.  In case you want a refresher, you can always view them on You Tube.  Patience is simply a part of recognizing how we are all interrelated.  In fact, when we feel our patience tested it is often because someone has touched upon a part of us we want to improve.  The most challenging people in our lives are our best teachers.

Ashtar Valentines Day session

I am still walking on the clouds after our  Valentines Day session.  It was the first one in way too long but so many beautiful people responded!  It was the largest group we have hosted in several years.  Thank you everyone who joined us.

What is even more exciting is that from that session we have scheduled our first group session outside our home in years.  It will be on April 6, 2024 in the San Diego area.  This will be at a private location so seating is limited.  Zoom will not be available for this event.  If you want to have the joy of sitting with Ashtar make your reservations early.  Here is the link to my on-line store to reserve your spot for $50.00.  To say this is exciting is an understatement.

If you would like to arrange your own Ashtar gathering please let me know.  We will find a time that will work for you.

Now, go practice the Spiritual Principle of Patience and watch your life evolve in delightful ways!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,