The steps of ascension

On a hot, humid July afternoon in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, Lady Ashtar lead a tour of pilgrims up the 2,446 steps of Mount Haguro to a magnificent Shrine.  Mt. Haguro is one of the trio of mountains which represent past, present and future, Haguro represents the present. The trek was 1.7Km and worth every moment of exertion as panoramic views of the Japan coastline were reveled until finally they arrived at Shrine, Sanjin Gosaiden where a special blessing for the pilgrims was offered. 

Arranged through Anemone magazine and leader Tatsunori Okuyama, this was the second day of a spiritual excursion which also took the tour to Mt. Yudono for stepping into a future free of Karmic reservations.  

Yamagata Prefecture is also home to a score of Buddhist Monks who self-mummified themselves over the centuries.  Being honored to view one of these mummies was an  experience beyond words.