The Stunning Beauty of Japan

Time goes by so quickly on the road, especially when we get to go to amazing sites with spiritual groups.  Countless Shrines and Temples speak to the spiritual openness of the Japanese people. That is something I truly enjoy about bringing Ashtar to Japan.   Just the other day I had occasion to visit Taiki, Mie.  The spring weather is just perfect as you can see from this photo of me taken in the lush forests surrounding this magical place.  I cannot say thank you enough to the people who are supporting this spring tour for providing Ashtar and me with these opportunities.

As we cross the half-way point of this tour I want to remind my US friends that Lady Ashtar will be returning to America in early July, so please take a moment and look over the summer schedule here on the web site.  I look forward to seeing our old friends and to making some new friends too.

Sayonara from Japan.

Until we meet again,

Blessings of Universal Love, Terrie