The Typhoon has passed!

The trains stopped running, stores closed, people stayed home and my private sessions were cancelled!  Typhoon Jebi made landfall right near where I am in Osaka and disrupted lives throughout the region.  Kansai International Airport was flooded, the bridge to the airport was damaged and closed due to a Tanker that broke loose from its moorings and an untold number of people died. Once again Ashtar made certain I was in a safe, secure place while all this was happening.  I wanted to stay in my hotel room where I was warm and cozy, but my husband, Brian, pleaded with me to get some video of the Typhoon as it moved through the City.  So there I was in my most casual clothes, getting soaked to the skin and taking video of the latest weather event to hit Japan this year.  

Now, here is a funny/beautiful/touching story that goes with my cinematic efforts:  As I was standing outside the hotel taking a video a man came out of the hotel and asked me if I needed an umbrella.  I tried to tell him no, that I was just taking pictures, but I guess he didn’t understand me.  He ran to his car and returned with an umbrella, handed it to me then disappeared.  There seems to be no end to the love one human can show another.  To whoever you were, thank you so much for your loving kindness.

All is well, my sessions in Osaka continued today and we were able to reschedule everyone for later in the week.  I love working in Japan!

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂