The Wisdom of Ashtar

I am delighted to say today’s video goes back to The Wisdom of Ashtar series format.

Tried and true

For many years Ashtar and I sent you snippets of sessions.  Sometimes the sessions were held at a client’s home, sometimes they were private.  This time we are going back to what I refer to as the “Welcome Back” session, October 2022.  That’s the reason there is a pumpkin decoration in some of the frames.

This event was the first time I welcomed people into my home after two and a half years.  I have to say, I was so excited to channel Ashtar with real-live people on hand.  I think Ashtar must have been happy as well.  We captured the Wisdom of Ashtar on video and He seems to have gone a little deeper all evening.  I am pleased to be able to share with you the first excerpt of this amazing night.

One of the other interesting aspects to, “Speak your Wisdom” is that Ashtar is, himself, channeling.  He brings in Archangel Gabriel.  If you have been with Ashtar when he does this you know Gabriel is the messenger most likely to work with you on speaking your truth.

 Video, Hosting a group

If you would like to host a group of your own we are always open to invitations.  Ashtar and I would love to visit with you and your friends in person.  Please give me a shout and we can talk about the possibilities.  Meanwhile, enjoy this offering of the Wisdom of Ashtar.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,