Think about it!

Right now I am in Osaka, Japan on my spring tour of Japan. I too am experiencing many of the same issues everyone else on the planet are going through; Social Distancing, cancelled airline connections, the occasional spotty supplies in the stores. My biggest heartbreak is having to distance myself from those who want to speak with Ashtar. We have had to reorganize where we are and how we work. Right now we are cancelling all our large group events and doing our work via the computer. I thank those of you who have expressed concern about my travel, but rest assured, Studio Kara and I are doing all we can to serve the Planet and be responsible citizens all around.

When Ashtar and I were in Honolulu earlier this year the questioning got around to how Star Seeds are to view our planet. Now it might seem that all the Islands of Hawaii just glow with clean waterways, fresh air and care for the environment, but even there Ashtar wanted to remind them that they have the same responsibilities to Planet Earth as everyone else. In this video Ashtar sets out some food for thought we can all gain by.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂