To Be Love

To be love.  Now that is a goal we can all reach.

Doing, not talking

What I mean by this is simple.  We often speak of wanting love.  We want to feel and receive love.  The way to achieve both these quests is not to talk about it, but to be it. The same is true if we want calm in our lives.  To achieve calmness we must first be calm.  To experience joy in our lives the first step is to feel joy about our lives.  If you want happiness in your life, first find a way to be happy. It is a matter of being and doing, not just talking about it.

June 2023 Ashtar Intentions

This month Ashtar has been talking about our relationship to love.  He has spoken about seeing through the eyes of love.  Ashtar  encouraged us to express and to feel love.  In this weeks video he brings it all together by reminding us that our job is to be love.  I enjoy how these intentions build through each month.

Walking the talk

My husband, Brian, and I took a short trip to Monterey California this week for the internment of one of his dear friends.  Obviously, this could be viewed as a sad time.  One might easily feel uncomfortable about the process of laying to rest a friend of over 50 years.  Instead we went with the express intention of comforting a grieving family.  We were there to ease a bit of the pain of saying a final good bye to a husband and father.

We were not there to talk about how much he would be missed, we were there to remind the family that he is present, just not visible.  Obviously, lots of words were spoken yet what we hoped was the support  we were offering would speak louder.  You can do this too.  Don’t just talk about love, be it.

Ashtars Intentions continue

July is on our doorsteps.  Next month we will be looking at growth.  Hope to see you there!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,