Weathering Lan

For almost a week now Japan has been drenched in almost constant rain, which reached its peak for me over the weekend when Typhoon Lan moved through Tokyo.  I am delighted to say everything is fine.  Not only fine, but the very next morning the skies were an incredible shade of blue.  My hostess for the time in Ogikubo, Elizabeth and I took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing around Tokyo.  That is what brought us to the Sky Tree.  From every point in the Tokyo area the Sky Tree is visible, and the view from the top, over 425m up, is stunning, Mt. Fuji is even visible from these lofty heights, which is why I included a photo of me, my view, and Mt. Fuji all in one image.  Of course Halloween is also coming along, even so, Elizabeth and I were a little surprised to find these decorations at the top of the world! Thank you Elizabeth and En-sof for a perfect weekend.

As I write this I am now in Fukinomiya, right at the base of this sacred mountain where I will be working with Elpis and Ms. Chiharu Yamada, and Junko Yamada.  Thank you God!