Welcome to my new web site!





I am so very excited!  After months and months of preparation my new web site is now live!

The new Ladyashtar.com has many of the same features you have come to expect, but we have added some new elements as well, including a great store page.  You can now purchase all the available Lady Ashtar books there.   You will even find the versions that are in Japanese.  Plus we have the Wisdom of Ashtar DVD series, volumes 1 &2, on both DVD and flash drive. as well as the “You Can Channel” DVD and flash drive.  I even have my own line of jewelry that was created especially for me during my tour of Thailand last year.  The Ashtar lapel pins are also in my new store along with a few other special items as well.

I know I haven’t been posting many messages lately.  That will change now that we have the new site.  I promise to get some new videos of Ashtar speaking, along with updates of what I am doing.  As you probably already know, almost all my Japanese sessions are being done on Zoom.  When this tour ends next week I will be setting up a Zoom session so that my American friends (as well as friends from around the world) can spend some time with Ashtar.  I am thinking about having Ashtar do a teaching segment, then answer questions you have sent in ahead of time.  What do you think about that?

Thank you for visiting my new web site, I hope you like it and will return often.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂