Welcome to Yokohama!

Rev Dr Terrie Symons as Lady Ashtar has begun doing private sessions in Yokohama at the incredible Crystal Room of Grand Rino.  This room is filled from ceiling to floor with amazing crystal formations and has one of the highest vibrations you can imagine for doing sessions.


For two days Lady Ashtar will be meeting people in up to seven sessions per day as the wisdom of Ashtar is shared.  It is easy to think that having a private session with Ashtar does little to raise the vibration of the planet, but it is important to remember that every change begins with one person.  As Ashtar made a point of saying during his Saturday message to a large and appreciative group of followers; “To raise your vibration is to raise the vibration of the planet, and for your vibration to raise the vibration of the planet must also rise.”

So you see, even as we clear our own hearts and minds of those things which weigh upon us; relationships, children, even lost car keys, we are actually raising our vibration to assist the world.

And we want to pass on a wonderful bit of news; our Sedona, Arizona event February 9, 10 and 11 has expanded to include our relationship with the extraterrestrial.  We have added a world renown authority on things in the night sky!  The name and other details will be coming soon, but we know you will be excited to meet and learn from this wonderful individual.  Tickets will go on sale September 1, 2018.  Plan to join us for this weekend of terrestrial and extraterrestrial love.