What a weekend!

This past weekend was the Tokyo Iyashi Fair, and what a weekend it was!  You may remember me posting about this event last year, but this year was even larger and more exciting.  Grand Rino, one of my sponsors, and Studio Kara, the other sponsor provided me with a meeting room that would support 30 people for Ashtar readings.  For one session we actually had 34 people!  Ashtar truly came through powerfully and no one left our sessions without a personal message that touched their hearts.

Of course VOICE, my publisher here in Japan, was on hand with both of my latest Japanese books.  Not complaining here, but when each day finished my hand was tired from signing books for the beautiful people who want to know more about Ashtar’s teachings.  I am truly grateful for each and every one of these folks.

On Saturday I did a “Talk Show” for about 250 people.  The theme of my most recent book is Love so that was the theme of the talk.  Thank you Omori-san of VOICE for your generous support.

I also want to thank Yukari-san of Studio Kara, Nashita-san of Grand Rino, and my Japanese translators Yuko-san and Aoki San, you are the voice of Ashtar for those who wish to hear.