What did you miss?

What did you miss during the most recent Ashtar Zoom session?  Ashtar spoke about the Autumn Equinox 2021 and its effects and opportunities.  It was an amazing session!

These Zoom sessions are so much fun to do!  We set aside three hours to sit with Ashtar as he does his teachings.  Of course it is not the same as being in a personal session, on the other hand, during a personal session you would not be able to sit in the comfort of your favorite chair!

What does a Zoom session include?

Just as with a personal session Ashtar offers a general teaching then gives a talk about whatever the topic of the evening is.  Once that is complete he offers you the opportunity to ask your own question.  It is amazing how the question someone else asks so often applies to more than one person in the group.

When is the next Ashtar Zoom session?

On October 25, 2021 from 6-9PM Ashtar and I will be hosting another Zoom session.  Last time we spoke about the effects of the Autumn Equinox.  This time the session will be the classic “Guides and Guardians” session.

For only $50.00 you get a three hour session that will include Ashtar’s general message, a personal message for each participant which will include who your current guides and guardians are, and you will be able to ask a question.  Any question at all.  This is perhaps our most popular format and you can be there!

How do I sign up?

We would love to have you be part of our Guides and Guardians session in October on Zoom. To be part of this amazing opportunity all you have to do is visit my website at Ladyashtar.com and enter the Store.  There you will find a listing for “Ashtar Guides and Guardians.”  Just click on that image and purchase your ticket.  Just before the event you will receive a Zoom link so you can join in.  Then you won’t have to ask, “What did you miss?”

Got any specials?

We have specials too!  So many of our friends have been asking for the Guides and Guardians event because they want to introduce their friends to Ashtar.  So here is what we are offering as the October special.  Right next to the Ashtar Guides and Guardians image is an image labeled “Welcome Session.”  If you want to bring a friend, just click that image and you will get TWO Guides and Guardians sessions (one for you, one for a friend) for only $90.00.

The Fine Print

All we ask in the fine print is that your guest has never attended an Ashtar session before. What a wonderful gift to give a friend who is looking for answers!

Please join us!

The door is open. Your place at the table is set.  Join us Monday October 25 from 6-9PM Pacific time for the next Ashtar Guides and Guardians session right in the comfort of your own home.  And bring a friend!  You won’t have to ask, “What did you miss?” And in case you were wondering what you might’ve missed during our most recent Zoom session, this video gives you a small sample.

Hope to see you there,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,