What do you want to give?

As you look around your life, what do you want to give?

The well of love

Well, we are reaching the end of January 2023.  Right over the horizon is our special day to celebrate love, Valentines Day.    The most precious gift would be love; pure, unadulterated love.  Love costs you nothing and is what we all want.

If you plan to give an expression of love on February 14 please make certain you have a ready supply to offer.  In other words, is your well of love full?

Self Love

This month all of Ashtar’s Intentions have revolved around self love.  He has made it abundantly clear that compassion and generosity to others is wonderful, but we must first give those same qualities to ourselves.  What do you want to give?   Love that is less than whole hearted?  Of course not.  Can you give love that is absent compassion?  That would hardly be love at all.  Self love allows us to give the whole, complete gift of love to another.

Take the time

Take the time to be kind, compassionate and generous to yourself.  Then and only then can you offer the perfect gift; Unconditional Love.

Ashtar’s 2023 New Year Message

If what you want to give is insight, optimism, guidance and joy there can be no better gift than Ashtar’s 2023 New Year Message.  It is available in the Ladyashtar.com store right now.  And it can be delivered just in time for Cupids’ finest hour.

Many blessings of Universal Love,