What does Lady Ashtar have in store?

Even while she is busy in Japan meeting people and sharing the love of Ashtar, Lady Ashtar, Reverend Doctor Terrie Symons, is looking ahead to even more wondrous adventures.  We would like you to be part of the adventure too, so here are some of the things that are being planed for the next 12 months or so.  I you would be interested in being part of one or more of these fantastic events, please give us a shout at Ladyashtar.com and we will keep you up on developments.


FEBRUARY 9,10,11, 1018 – Sedona, AZ for a weekend of love refreshment; learn how to improve communications with your loved one, meditate in the vibrations of a Symphonic Gong, find out how Terrie Symons became Lady Ashtar, and there will be a very special guest to be announced soon.


APRIL 2018.  Walk in the footsteps of Dr Usuei, founder of Reiki healing.  Join Lady Ashtar in Japan for 5 nights and 7 days beginning in Osaka, on to Kyoto, Nara and of course Mt. Karama for an actuation, boost, or simply to understand where this powerful healing method was born.  Interested?  This program is just being formulated, so send us a note as soon as you can about your interest.


SUMMER 2018 how about a tour of the Celtic regions with Ashtar and Lady Ashtar?  Our plan is to visit Ireland, Wales, Stonehenge and end up in a Scottish Castle.  Plan ahead and contact us with your interest.


Meanwhile, Lady Ashtar and company complete the Summer tour of Japan soon and return to the US for a short stopover before the next tour of Japan.  We hope to see you on our path!