What is a Spiritual Principle?

Finally you asked, what is a Spiritual Principle?  Maybe you already asked this question, but this week Ashtar will give you a wonderful definition.

Working with Spiritual Principle

I guess the first thing to say is, don’t worry about it.  Living life in a conscious way far more important than being able to reel off definitions.   Still, watch for Ashtar’s delightful “pocket definition” of what is a Spiritual Principle during this weeks video.  As usual it contains an intention you can enjoy.

What? More videos?

During our live sessions Ashtar gets to stretch out a bit and go into deep teaching mode.  That was the case a couple of weeks back.  Brian and Ashtar got to chatting about his teachings.  I didn’t get to see any of this until Brian brought it to me last week.  I watched it and said, “we have to put that out!”  So this is to let you know that later this week we will be releasing this entrancing teaching session on You Tube.

If you are subscribed to my You Tube channel you will get a notification when we post it.  The same thing applies to our weekly videos.  You get the first look at the latest videos.  This link should take you to my You Tube channel so you can be among the first to view not only the latest videos, but the entire library as well: www.youtube.com/@ladyashtarterriesymons5225.

Live sessions

As we announced last week, July 20 we will be doing another live Ashtar session in Rancho Bernardo.  The time is 6:30PM.  You can reserve your place through my on-line store at Ladyashtar.com.  Each seat is $50.00.  Ashtar will be doing his amazing Guides and Guardian teaching which means you can ask questions too!  Please join us and hear for yourself, “What is a Spiritual Principle.”  And a whole lot more too.

Many blessings of Universal Love,