What is love about?

As you probably know, when Ashtar is in my body I am not aware of what people are asking him or what his answers are.  Fortunately we have video of many Ashtar sessions which gives me the opportunity to see for myself his beautiful teachings.

If I were to guess, almost half of those coming to see Ashtar have a question about Love.  They want to know when they will find love, who to look for, or why their current relationships are having issues.  Certainly love is something we all want in our lives.  Not just any love, a love that involves their hearts, their minds and their souls.

Ashtar wants to share with you how to approach love in a way that will do all these things.  I know you find something in this video that will enhance your own love life.

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy my Spring tour of Japan,  I hope you are enjoying the updates I have been sharing.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂