Who is Lady Ashtar?

You probably know that Lady Ashtar is Terrie Symons. The Ascended Master, Ashtar, speaks through this beautiful lady all around the world. Perhaps you have even been fortunate enough to have had a personal session with Lady Ashtar, but do you know how Terrie Symons became Lady Ashtar? It’s a fascinating story beginning with her childhood in rural Oregon, USA.
The book “The Lady Ashtar Story” is filled with Terrie’s life experiences. Some will leave your heart sad, others will lift you to the highest heights of love. There are even some stories Stephen King would be proud to have written, but these are true!
Even Ashtar himself offers stories in this book. You will be moved to tears as Ashtar recounts the age-old love story between these two souls.
The Lady Ashtar Story. Compelling, entertaining, insightful. Get your copy today. You can order your copy through the shopping tab on the Ladyashtar.com web site, or through Amazon.